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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

After signing up, we'll give you the option of following instructions to sign up or having us do so. If you've already installed the app and require additional assistance reach out to us at

We have a wordpress plugin. Simply download and install and follow the instructions to setup our plugin. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to us at

Yes, just ensure that you've installed the Clover, Android or IOS App on your system. Once done, you'll have to sync your printers on our dashboard and select the printer to activate.

Yes! We allow you to setup delivery zones with relevant fees for each zone.

Yes! If your system accepts javascript we can install our online ordering widget on your site.

We offer simple relevant restaurant templates. Simply sign up, edit a few website options and launch!

Yes our online ordering widget is mobile friendly!

Yes, we offer installable mobile apps for an additional fee. Allow customers to reorder, send marketing notifications and save payment information!

Reach out to us via email at or call us at 480-360-4396

No, its a simple monthly fee with unlimited orders.

We notify you multiple ways. We send to your kitchen printer, email you a copy of the receipt, send texts as well as send a notification to your POS or tablet.

We currently sync with Clover systems. We can also sync with Square inventory and have an easy to use administration area.



Join hundreds of single and multi-location restaurant professionals who rely on their own online ordering system.



Thank you! This is the easiest online ordering system I have used! Set up is easy and would recommend to any restaurant. Online help is great!


PeruRican Ceviche

This APP it's AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!!! Plus the customer service it's IMPRESSIVE!...


Simple. Powerful. Beautiful.

318 Food Company

This app simplified and compiled an online ordering site while setting up our register. It merged BOTH together!